Sanctum Movie Review

Check out the new underwater odyssey from the creators of Avatar and Titanic. Sanctum is a thrilling 3-D action-adventure film directed by Alister Grierson and starring Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge and Mission Impossible 2)
Rhys Wakefield (The Black Balloon), and Christopher Baker (Nim’s Island). The film follows a team of underwater cave divers on expedition in the South Pacific to a never-before-seen underwater cave. When a tropical storm wreaks havoc on
the small island leaving them blocked they must find another way out. Master diver Frank McGuire (Roxburgh) and his team which includes his 17-year-old son (Wakefield) will have to use all their expertise and resources to make it out of the cave alive.  The explorers are in a race against time as the cave begins to fill with water and their resources dwindle. The 3D effects make it feel like you are right in the water with the divers, and the movie is very well written. The action in this movie was great, although I wouldn’t recommend it for children because of the gore. This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat until the last scene. A real treat!

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