It’s Tinkle Time!

Honestly! These past few weeks I have never been more proud to be the mother of a one-year-old. I know that whole “potty business”, has been hyped up for the first few years (and can even limit your access to quality daycare providers), but my dahling made me proud.

She was beaming the day we pulled up to my FAVORITE store to buy her Pink dual-purpose “Dora The Explorer” Potty seat. She even took it out the box and pranced around the house with it for days, but clearly actually using it would be a whole nother project.

I sit her on it after dinner and she’s let out an earth-shattering scream. how dare I! Make her deposit her “precious nuggets” into a bowl when she had “oh so comfortably’, been allowed to relieve herself whereever and whenever she pleased (to my dismay). There was no turning back, and so I knew that I had to reassure her that she would not get into trouble if she tinkled. But let me tell you about the other night.

She quite proudly meandered around the house and led me into the bathroom, and to my surprise I saw nothing but the opaque pink bottom of her seat empty. Where was the poop? Where was the pee? It wa a mystery I would not solved until the next day when I couldn’t put my nose on a funny smell that seemed to permeate the entire house.

There it was! A brownish-green lump of something odd right near the vent on the white carpet. All I could do was laugh as I gathered my cleaning bucket (I have two for things like this located in the bathroom) and my carpet brush and scrubbed the spot until it was cream-colored again.

I asked her to potty. I did not specify that she stay there after she was finished. It was truly hilarious. More to Come!

Miss B. Jones

Let There Be Light!

Dylan could have never known that his paintings of Jesus Christ would make him a nationally renowned artist. His art is  respected not only for its ability to transcend spirituality and creativity; but for its unique 3D quality. Mortimer has a B.F.A. from Kansas City Art Institute and has been awarded several awards such as Kansas City’s  Charlotte Street Award.

Mortimer’ has produced art here locally for over a decade and has pieces on display all over the US in cities like New york, Chicago, Indianapolis and Las Vegas.

"Prayer Booth"

Mortimers’ 3D art piece “‘Prayer booth’, private faith in the public sphere” is one of many of his most controversial pieces. The booths were set up on New york city’s public street corners and received positive and negative reactions. They feature step-by-step written instructions on how to pray.  Some people stopped to use the service while others watched in amazement.


“We selected Dylan to create a show [for the Nerman Museum] as a consequence of having watched his work for many years in Kansas City.” “It was a  perfect moment for a “site specific installation for The Oppenheimer new media Room,” said Bruce Hartman, Director of The Nerman Museum of Art.

We are very interested in the ideas he’s exploring, in regards to the halo and the history of art “Each person can make the decision to come into the light, or be the light”

“We have a long history of support for artist from the region”,

Here in an interview mortimer shows us how he assembles some of the lights in his “Illuminate” display; which can be found at The Nerman Museum of Art beside JCCC’s Regnier Building.

Frank Ocean’s Album is A Smash Hit!

Frank Ocean’s Album is A Smash Hit!

R&B Crooner Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange is every hopeless romantics dream! With features from Andre 3000 of OutKast and a few singles really speak to me as an artist, I could feel the sheer honesty in the lyrics which is one of the many things that makes Ocean clearly rise above the “cookie cutter” R&B Vocalist that seem to honeycomb the industry. His lyrical skill is refreshing and imaginative and weaves itself into every tune on the album.

For starters, “Thinking About You“, the album’s most popular single has covered by fellow artists like Willow Smith and features smooth synthesizers, heavy vibrato and an infectious hook. It makes for a more than fitting love song.

A few singles I keep on repeat are ”Pink Matter”, which features a smooth rhythmic groove and a fantastic blending of acoustic guitar and lyrical musings of all things female. Along with Rapper Andre 3000’s vivacious lyrical sense, which makes for a chill or maybe even romantic setting and “Forest Gump”, which tells the story of a girl that rocks the brotha’s world so hard that he’s like Forest Gump in love with Jenny all over again.

One of the things I appreciate is Ocean’s ability to seamlessly open himself up to his audience. Just a few days before his album release he fearlessly released a letter he had written professing his love for a man. The world finally experienced a black artist opening up about his sexuality right on the jump of his debut album, instead of waiting years after his career was established.
Although quite risky, Ocean managed to prevail in the end because not only did people buy the album in droves, but it showed the true meaning of “being true to yourself”, and regardless to how the world feels about what was written in that letter, the world can never say the brother didn’t keep it real. Enjoy the album and since I hardly say this any more. Real R&B is making a comeback and I like it.

“Channel Orange” debuted at Number 2 in digital sales on iTunes and was followed up with a fantastic Letterman performance. Add Frank Ocean on twiter to keep up with his sold out tour dates and link up with his tumblr to hear an album snippet.