KC Roller Warriors are Some Tough Cookies!

On Saturday Feb 5, at the Municipal Auditorium the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association hosted the KC Roller Warriors. It was the first match of the season and the crowd was buzzing with a whopping 3,000 people out to support. The all female teams were decked out in ribbons, sparkles and boyshorts as they made their way around the ring. The newly renovated auditorium was a perfect setting for the matches.

Four teams competed for the coveted two spots in South Central Region Playoffs that will be held on Sept 30.

The Black-Eye Susans took on the Dreadnought Dorothys and yhe Victory vixens and The Knoockouts went head to head for a spot. All teams fought hard for victory but only two made in through. The Victory Vixens defeated The Knockouts with a 98-point lead (155-57) and The Dreadnought Dorothys prevailed against all efforts with a 80-point lead (117-37) against The Black-eye Susans. This match is only the first of seven matches before the finals held on Nov 11 in Denver.

The audience was decked out to support the teams with bright colors and outfits, and vendors set up everywhere to sell roller derby memorabilia and drinks.

A silent auction offered huge baskets full of prizes during halftime.

“The show is amazing! I remember the roller derby from back in the day, and I’m happy they’re back in Kansas City. I had a lot of fun ,and the ladies are gorgeous,” said student Domanick McKinney.

Halftime was a treat with the Schlagle marching band’s riveting performance as usual reminding us why they rank in the top five in the nation. They had the crowd on their feet with a marvelous rendition of “Baby” by Justin Beiber. The dancers’ black and yellow outfits sparkled against the gray backdrop.

“We have a full house tonight ,and this is just our first match,” said Team Member Evolution from The Victory Vixens. “We always have a blast and we have so much support from the community. Can’t wait till the next match.” The Victory Vixens have been undefeated for at least five bouts now, and these ladies are ready to kick some serious roller derby butt at the finals!

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