Hey folks! I’m Bobbie Jones, Mom, sister, advocate, vocalist, writer and lover.

I’m gonna just keep it real when I say that I find it EXTREMELY difficult to talk (or write in this case) about myself. As a child I was very outgoing, talkative and tactless (at least this is what I was told), but for the most part I am really an introvert; except when it comes to helping others and creating connections, I think this was what I was put here on this planet to do.

I wont’t make this too lengthy and go on about my 3 beautiful children, the degree (Human Services) I am pursuing full-time or my uncanny ability to find a great deal in a haystack of offers. I just want you to know that I write things that I feel will genuinely help your life, or at least make you stop and think about a different perspective; add some light where there may be darkness. I’m a friend, so welcome and I hope I can bring some love, light and laughter.

Where green is the new black!

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