30 Days with a Newborn and Other Musings

So, what usually happens is that I go through a horrendous dry spell; and then all the sudden my words are spilling everywhere. All those student loans will start paying off any second now. Just a heads up, as much as these articles should have just as much structure in my mind as they do on this page I realize that I am now a mother of three…and well structure, that’s gonna have to come with time, as I have just recently downloaded some brain cells that I’m sure my newborn borrowed from me. A little fuzzy too, I might add! Enjoy the ride! Also, for those who have enjoyed my writings and feel abandoned, I promise I have some things in the works that will make those thoughts non-existent. Much Love,


P.S. This should be WAY longer, except I just had to sneak in a shower and i managed to put on clothes that match! Now, I’m about to jump back into a feeding session. I’m doing GOOD today y’all.


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