5 Quick and Healthy Meals on the Go!

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Steamed Quinoa w/ Gravy, Stir-fry String Beans and Savory Butternut Squash Mash

The fun part of this meal is that it is filling, affordable and VEGAN! You can find the veggies at a local farmer’s market and the quinoa at any local grocery store these days! Enjoy! Learn how to make the Quinoa HERE!


Blackened Salmon w/ Steamed Broccoli and Quinoa Pilaf

This meal is quick and easy! Own a steamer? Toss the broccoli in. Add equal parts (and 1/4) Cup of water to Quinoa and boil on medium low, bring to a simmer. Then put frozen pre-seasoned salmon in the broiler for 20 minutes.


Fresh Protein Salad

This is what we call “comfort food” here at MGM! The creamy avocado and flaky salmon dance around in your mouth. A fresh vinaigrette always works best for this meal.


Crispy Lentil Chili Patties

When they are on a Garden salad are also very satisfying. The crunchy patties are a creative take on our Lentil Soup Recipe . They go perfect with the crunch romaine lettuce and fresh veggies.


Broiled Rosemary Salmon Steak

You really can never go wrong with this lean, waist-slimming meal. I marinated this steak in red wine vinegar, teriyaki sauce,agave, red palm oil and lemon juice. I also topped it with sweet yellow onion for a little sweetness. The flavor was so robust and I really needed more than one! Use lettuce wraps or gluten-free wraps to accompany the fish.












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