How I lost 3 dress sizes in 6 Months!

October 2015

It seems like from since the beginning of time we have been finding ways to balances eating and weight. As women (no matter the age) childbirth, breastfeeding, surgeries and a combination of these things turns into an uphill battle to maintain our ideal weight and be truly comfortable and healthy inside and out.

Balance is very key before beginning any set regimen. I find these dieting commercials and books so annoying because there is no SET way to lose post pregnancy pounds. This leaves most of us drained and confused as to how to eat enough to be full and satisfied without worrying about what the scale will say later and sayings like “A Moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips,” don’t make it any better.

While our mates might not mind the extra lumps and bumps, we can sometimes take a stroll down memory lane and find ourselves stuck in an identity crisis. Why can’t the pounds just melt away?

I don’t profess to be a guru, however I can only tell you what worked for me. A bottom heavy slim build with a mid-high metabolism. Be creative and play with it! If you find that you get no results, take the time to retain a few of the eating practices for your greater health. Try it the first month, then 3, then 6.


No Beef/Pork/Chicken, Only Fish- Salmon or Whiting (Grilled or Baked) Little Salt

Steamed Veggies Only

Black, Navy or Northern or Lentil Soup

No Milk or Butter – Exchange for Almond (Silk) or Coconut if allergic)

No Gluten (Bagels, Bread, Wraps etc.) Alt. Sprouted Bread/Wraps

Plenty of Fruits (Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Kiwi, Berries etc.)

Eat a full Breakfast

Only Agave or Coconut Sugar

Himalayan Sea Salt only or Coconut Aminos

Salad and Soup for Lunch

Fish and Veggies for Dinner, Alternate with Veggie Soup

Only eat at those set times!  When you need a snack grab your designated snack of a piece of fruit. No processed sugars!

Post-Partum: I was trippin’, and not on the sizzerup…

Miss Amelia 2 Days Old

Okay! I’m usually talkative, mild-mannered and reasonable when it comes to simple matters but lately um (not so much). Tears were flowing which is rare because I’m not a crier. My emotions were upside down and I don’t know what I’d do without my man (which I will henceforth call “Goat Meat”); don’t ask. He is usually the one that needs a firm rational reminding of sorts, but today I was that person. I was overwhelmed because I now had a beautiful 8 lb 2 oz princess who was not only in need of my precious mind and breast milk, but also reliant upon my sound mind; which I felt was dwindling by the second. I felt unequipped, and not in the “I -bought- the- 7th- edition -of -‘What -To- Expect -When- Your -Expecting’- yet -left-it- on- my- bookshelf -for -months- kind -of -way”, but more like the God-never-ever-could-have-prepared-me-for-this-type-of-stress variety of woes. But after a bucket full of tears I sucked it up and used my babies’ slumber as a great kind of one-on-one therapy time with goatmeat. An epiphany ensued…I realized that i must be box-of-rocks crazy to think that my “Motherhood Experience” would be like a fairytale, nothing in my life had ever been so what i was experiencing was absolutely God’s “Growing Pains”, here I was in a new state of thought and awareness. I survived my 10 month (and counting) pregnancy and even more wild delivery to a beautiful baby girl and I felt blessed in so many ways that my worries became obsolete, non-existent and mostly premature. God never puts on you more than you can bear and since we cannot predict 6 months or even 1 month into our futures and what may arise were just gonna have to “Be calm and Get a Lollipop”, Hug the ones you love and be happy that you can share those moments because as God is misunderstood, so is Love and it’s cousins Admiration and Appreciation are lacking as well. Take your time….