5 Quick and Healthy Meals on the Go!

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Steamed Quinoa w/ Gravy, Stir-fry String Beans and Savory Butternut Squash Mash

The fun part of this meal is that it is filling, affordable and VEGAN! You can find the veggies at a local farmer’s market and the quinoa at any local grocery store these days! Enjoy! Learn how to make the Quinoa HERE!


Blackened Salmon w/ Steamed Broccoli and Quinoa Pilaf

This meal is quick and easy! Own a steamer? Toss the broccoli in. Add equal parts (and 1/4) Cup of water to Quinoa and boil on medium low, bring to a simmer. Then put frozen pre-seasoned salmon in the broiler for 20 minutes.


Fresh Protein Salad

This is what we call “comfort food” here at MGM! The creamy avocado and flaky salmon dance around in your mouth. A fresh vinaigrette always works best for this meal.


Crispy Lentil Chili Patties

When they are on a Garden salad are also very satisfying. The crunchy patties are a creative take on our Lentil Soup Recipe . They go perfect with the crunch romaine lettuce and fresh veggies.


Broiled Rosemary Salmon Steak

You really can never go wrong with this lean, waist-slimming meal. I marinated this steak in red wine vinegar, teriyaki sauce,agave, red palm oil and lemon juice. I also topped it with sweet yellow onion for a little sweetness. The flavor was so robust and I really needed more than one! Use lettuce wraps or gluten-free wraps to accompany the fish.












How to get over an Owie and live another day!

Maybe it’s the hormones finally driving me up the wall or I’m finally snapping. By the way, snapping doesn’t mean “losing it”, it just means that I’m finally (at age 24) realizing that this “self-righteous”, never let them see me sweat bullsh*t doesn’t work for reality. We are fragile beings who feel hurt and it cuts like a knife. Being a mother has taught me a couple of things about pain. Its sears, burns and stings like hell but when it’s over (with a few meds or whatever) is is OVER. You can sit and run around the house still screaming but that’s up to you. “Being Strong”, was what some ill-informed psycho made up to circumvent reality. Cry that sh*t out man, get it out so that you are true to yourself in that moment. Be real, and then when it’s over wrap it up so it can heal! Here’s my list of way to get over an owie!

1. Check to see if its broken! It might just be your ego or a serious issues. But if your problem is strictly emotional take a few deep breaths and this too shall pass.

2. Cry it Out! If you have more than two kids you can even cry around them. They may look at you like you’re crazy or they may give you a big hug and kiss. we teach our children affection. They know how to return it.

3. Disinfect it, so it don’t get worse! Everybody has those family members and friends that feel like alcohol on a wound but it makes it better to have a sound mind to help.

4. Get a Binkie!
Okay, first I don’t mean an actual binkie, chocolate, a little wine or a hot Toddie helps. but don’t go overboard.

5. Celebrate! Your human and humans get hurt. The fact that something can bother you soo much means you are a kind soul and instead of ignoring that channel it into something good. (Like me writing now).

This list is intended to add a little humor to the occasional heartbreak, misunderstanding or sour note. If you have a real owie you better go to the hospital lol.

Frank Ocean’s Album is A Smash Hit!

Frank Ocean’s Album is A Smash Hit!

R&B Crooner Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange is every hopeless romantics dream! With features from Andre 3000 of OutKast and a few singles really speak to me as an artist, I could feel the sheer honesty in the lyrics which is one of the many things that makes Ocean clearly rise above the “cookie cutter” R&B Vocalist that seem to honeycomb the industry. His lyrical skill is refreshing and imaginative and weaves itself into every tune on the album.

For starters, “Thinking About You“, the album’s most popular single has covered by fellow artists like Willow Smith and features smooth synthesizers, heavy vibrato and an infectious hook. It makes for a more than fitting love song.

A few singles I keep on repeat are ”Pink Matter”, which features a smooth rhythmic groove and a fantastic blending of acoustic guitar and lyrical musings of all things female. Along with Rapper Andre 3000’s vivacious lyrical sense, which makes for a chill or maybe even romantic setting and “Forest Gump”, which tells the story of a girl that rocks the brotha’s world so hard that he’s like Forest Gump in love with Jenny all over again.

One of the things I appreciate is Ocean’s ability to seamlessly open himself up to his audience. Just a few days before his album release he fearlessly released a letter he had written professing his love for a man. The world finally experienced a black artist opening up about his sexuality right on the jump of his debut album, instead of waiting years after his career was established.
Although quite risky, Ocean managed to prevail in the end because not only did people buy the album in droves, but it showed the true meaning of “being true to yourself”, and regardless to how the world feels about what was written in that letter, the world can never say the brother didn’t keep it real. Enjoy the album and since I hardly say this any more. Real R&B is making a comeback and I like it.

“Channel Orange” debuted at Number 2 in digital sales on iTunes and was followed up with a fantastic Letterman performance. Add Frank Ocean on twiter to keep up with his sold out tour dates and link up with his tumblr to hear an album snippet.