Find a City Market near you and Save Money!

I can’t stress how beneficial it is to patronize your local produce stands and Farmer’s markets in Kansas City. It not only gives back, however it saves you hundreds of dollars monthly in produce. In previous articles I’ve taught you how to store your food to make it last for weeks without molding, now youContinue reading “Find a City Market near you and Save Money!”

Natural Hair is Taking Over!

In an era where one’s hair can be changed as quickly as an outfit, there is one way of hair styling that seems to have stood the test of time.Wearing “natural hair” is a term defined by maintaining the original state of ones hair, void of any bleaching, coloring or heating mechanisms. It is oneContinue reading “Natural Hair is Taking Over!”

My Famous Skinny Parfait!

Famous Skinny Parfaits 4 parfait Glasses 2 (6 oz) Friendly Farms Low fat raspberry Yogurts ½ Bag of 16 oz. bags of Season’s Choice Frozen Rasberry and Strawberry 1 13.5 oz Litehouse Strawberry Glaze 1 8 oz. Bowl Kraft Cool Whip 1 bag of Hostess Shortcakes 1 Tbs. Vanilla Alternate between Yogurt, Cake, Berries andContinue reading “My Famous Skinny Parfait!”