MOMs stop obsessing and just calm the F&%$ Down.

Your doing it right now. Lower your shoulder by about 4 inches so you can rest yourself for just long enough to read my quick blurb about how to get back your time, sanity and sexy in the “COVID” era and beyond. 4 ways to stop obsessing and (hopefully) get back to business of living.

My mind is always running a mile a minute trying to juggle my work schedule, home school schedule and the when-the-f*&%!-am-I-gonna-make-time-to-shave-my-pubes schedule. It’s maddening, and as a mom of 3 I can tell you that many of you are probably experiencing an over growth in more than just your tighty whities.

1. Buy a planner (then actually use it) every week!

Commit! Buy the sparkly little stickers that go with and the cheesy little case that goes with the absolutely unnecessary interchangeable color coded rings. why do you ask? Well…because it’s gonna distract you for just long enough for you to actually produce some sort of order and dare I say it, a sigh of relief. I love TUL planners, cambridge is also nice and pretty too. Once you get started you really get all into it. Even some small business such as Simplified have a cool version you can try.

2. Get a evening/night routine!

Beach overlooking overwater guesthouses

Get Candles ASAP, Buy A Salt Lamp or Fountain, Keep your electronics in another room at night, unplug things when not in use, set the mood, schedule a massage or facial monthly, take an overnight stay at a hotel. If you’re like me have have to have a coupon for everything subscribe to Marriott Bonvoy via this Link and earn points for overnight stays towards family vacation trips!

3. Set up an investment account with just $50 with Ellevest!

step 1 mobile image - lets get started!

Listen! I am not paid for these endorsements, I use them myself and I can tell you that you can spend, save and invest all in one app that is women-run and owned. Go ahead and get your save on and plan for your future. You can even do recurring drafts as little as $10 from your bank account to get started.

4. Revamp your underwear drawer.

I know! I know! Probably thinking that it’s not a priority but if you buy undies for your kiddos then there’s no reason you haven’t bought any for yourself. I love savage! The styles are so pretty and they fit ALL sizes. If you’re on the itty bitty titty committee then well, uh, go ahead and get that Victoria Secret 10 for $30 deal or the clearance section when the store open there’s hardly anyone there. Thank me later. Check them out!! Thanks for the read.

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