How you can get your own Vegetti for practically nothing!


I’ve been having the most fantastic time discovering new food techniques! So I was blown away to find the Vegetti on sale at CVS here in Kansas. It was only 15.00, about 5 dollars more than I anticipated spending! So I used my CVS 25% Off Coupon and my baby food coupons and got my handy dandy noodle maker for FREE! When it Comes to your help your health you have to be as persistent as used car salesman. You only have one body!
There really is no excuses with stores such as Aldis and Sav-A-Lot extending their inventories to accommodate the ever changing gluten free and transitional lifestyle! Take full advantage and have fun! I’ll continue to show you what I’m doing in my kitchen! Here is snippet from last night’s after dinner meal! Whiting Parmesan with Zucchini Pasta, marinara and broiled Whiting with Olive oil Mayo! Will post recipe soon!
Invest in your health. It’s the only thing that will not depreciate in value if you keep up the progress! The creator knew what he was doing! When you put in the best you will yield a beautiful well-oiled machine for years to come! 🙂


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