Coconut Oil: The All-Natural Miracle Oil!

So much can be said about this hairy little fruit, however I mostly want to shed light on its precious and healing oil. Coconut oil has been described as “the healthiest oil on earth,” by The Coconut Research Center, an organization to seeks to shed light on its nutritional benefits and those of several other unprocessed wonders.

Since there are so many health benefits I’d like to go over a few that will be of benefit to women. I like the accessibility of this products for moms that may not have a lot of money to put into beauty treatments, who still want to feel pampered! Here’s what I do with this marvelous product.

1. I cook with it! similar to olive oil, it has a nutty aromatic aroma that compliments most cooking. It also is anti-inflammatory, helps with Candida and thyroid issues in women.
2. I moisturize with it! As refreshing as a HOT shower can be, I find myself so dry and my skin is so thirsty. Coconut Oil is a great remedy to condition the skin and is a natural UV blocker.
3. I put it in my hair! Coconut is one of the most effective oils for hair growth. Keeps your strands strong and does wonders for your scalp! ITS ALL ABOUT THE SCALP! Use your normal conditioner, and after the rinse. Seal in with a dollop of oil.
4. I use it on my babies! Newborns go through such drastic changes in their skin and need constant moister. I found that the oil did the trick. He dry skin cleared up and the rough patches went away.
Hope these tips work and ENJOY!

Love and Laughter.


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