How to maintain a green business and save your company money!

Everyone from small businesses to major corporations are discovering new ways to conserve energy, stay green and most importantly SAVE money! Major cities like Los Angeles are even catering to their small businesses by changing their light bulbs to more energy-efficient bulbs which is most definitely changing the community for the better. Although your home is important because you spend quite a bit of down time there, your work site or business is just as important to maintain. These tips will make you an energy-efficient guru in no time and save your company, small business or work site tons of money. Why not get one step closer to getting that new equipment you need or that promotion you’ve been eyeing.

  • *BYOC= Bring you own cup! The simplest way to save money is to look around your staff room. Take a week to ween your staff off of those cheap plastic, paper and styrofoam cups. Just because you got them i bulk doesn’t mean that you are actually saving. People tend to abuse disposable products, which will have you shelling out twice as much at the store. If your don’t buy them your staff will take the hint and bring their own mug. Your saving the planet and encouraging responsibility. Make it fun and highlight the employee with the wackiest cup, and see how many people you have clamoring to find their best coffee cup.
  • *Email you memos! If you can email your memos instead of printing them, this will cut down on the paper in the waste bin and make it easier for your staff to communicate replies. Keep a paper recycling bin for old memos and other paper work…
    Turn it off! When you’re not using an electronic be sure to turn the settings to sleep, which will conserve your PC’s energy and save your company money. You may not know it but all those CPU’s being drawn from the one central energy source in your building or suite is creating a monster of an energy bill.
  • *Open your mouth! Just because you’re sitting in your office chair, doesn’t mean it’s okay to page your co-worker 2 inches from you. It may not be your phone bill per se, however it’s coming out of your check. Plus, it’s always a lot better to save the energy it takes to dial a few buttons when you can just turn around and open your mouth. 🙂
  • *I See The Elevator! Of course, there’s a big shiny elevator…but it’s also good to use the stairs. What are you gonna do when it breaks down the morning you’re heading to the bathroom? Practice now for later…take the stairs now and then.

I hope these tips help you to become more savvy around the office and abroad!

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