Let There Be Light!

Dylan could have never known that his paintings of Jesus Christ would make him a nationally renowned artist. His art is  respected not only for its ability to transcend spirituality and creativity; but for its unique 3D quality. Mortimer has a B.F.A. from Kansas City Art Institute and has been awarded several awards such as Kansas City’s  Charlotte Street Award.

Mortimer’ has produced art here locally for over a decade and has pieces on display all over the US in cities like New york, Chicago, Indianapolis and Las Vegas.

"Prayer Booth"

Mortimers’ 3D art piece “‘Prayer booth’, private faith in the public sphere” is one of many of his most controversial pieces. The booths were set up on New york city’s public street corners and received positive and negative reactions. They feature step-by-step written instructions on how to pray.  Some people stopped to use the service while others watched in amazement.


“We selected Dylan to create a show [for the Nerman Museum] as a consequence of having watched his work for many years in Kansas City.” “It was a  perfect moment for a “site specific installation for The Oppenheimer new media Room,” said Bruce Hartman, Director of The Nerman Museum of Art.

We are very interested in the ideas he’s exploring, in regards to the halo and the history of art “Each person can make the decision to come into the light, or be the light”

“We have a long history of support for artist from the region”,

Here in an interview mortimer shows us how he assembles some of the lights in his “Illuminate” display; which can be found at The Nerman Museum of Art beside JCCC’s Regnier Building.

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