Of Sam’s Club and Poopies…

Amelia is just beginning to take Big Girl Poops; meaning the most expensive diapers can’t seem to hold the Immense mass that is my baby’s mango colored treasures. I was perusing Sam’s Club in Village West which is now my Baby Essentials haven. 300 packs of diapers and wipes along with infant formula and car seat seem to be invading my dreams these days, this is soo funny to me because it’s never been more real. I love making my baby happy, and it’s not as if I can REALLY understand her lil grunts and coos, but I feel like she’s saying “I don’t need much more than those lusicous ninny jugs, but if you want to buy me those glittery headbands, hey have at it”! So, back to my story…I ran out of wipes and there was considerably more poop left on her bottom so I did the best I could with wet paper tools until she was clean, and then I changed her outfit. Her shorts were covered so here I go to the nearest sink to wash them off, and then I had to dry them so WALLAH; The Dyson Airblade doubles as a baby clothes dryer! I felt incredible proud of myself,and being the lil germiphobe that I am I wiped the inside down with a sanitizer cloth. It may seem like something small but it sure was mighty…Until Next Time…Thanks for reading!

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