Granite City Rocks!

There is much to be said about “Granite City Restaurant and Brewery” located near The Legends Shopping Center in Kansas City, Kansas. For Starters the decor is low-key and comfortable, the hard wood and table accents make for a beautiful dining experience. There a main area as well as a full bar with some delicious signature drinks. The Kitchen and the main dining areas are separated by a mere glass wall, which makes for an all inclusive experience and the wait staff are speedy and profesional. The best part is the stylish brewery located just on the south wall of the restaurant, there’s dozens of beers to choose from and membership deals as well. I’m not a beer drinker but all the diners seemed to have a few samples on thier tables’.

I ordered The Chicken Alfredo  which was creamy and smooth, not too salty like most cheese sauces and tried their tangy Original Margarita, which was pretty smooth. Happy hour is in full effct with a 4$ drink menu and tasty bar food. I’d recommend going early for a more intimate dinner and less noise but I’d give this restaurant 3 1/2 Spoons out of 5! Enjoy Granite City!

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3 thoughts on “Granite City Rocks!

  1. Love Granite City! Thanks for the review. Enjoyed meeting you at KCKCC. I will look for your name in lights, Miss Bobbie!



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