Granite City Rocks!

There is much to be said about “Granite City Restaurant and Brewery” located near The Legends Shopping Center in Kansas City, Kansas. For Starters the decor is low-key and comfortable, the hard wood and table accents make for a beautiful dining experience. There a main area as well as a full bar with some delicious signatureContinue reading “Granite City Rocks!”

Frank Ocean’s Album is A Smash Hit!

R&B Crooner Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange is every hopeless romantics dream! With features from Andre 3000 of OutKast and a few singles really speak to me as an artist, I could feel the sheer honesty in the lyrics which is one of the many things that makes Ocean clearly rise above the “cookie cutter” R&B Vocalist that seem to honeycomb the industry. His lyrical skill is refreshing and imaginative and weaves itself into every tune on the album.