Kansas City Has Bike Fever!

Finally Kansas City has become hip to cycling!!! For the few years since I’ve moved back to Missouri I would bike downtown to catch the metro to school weekly, or i’d take an early morning stroll. I’d get my 20 mins of exercise in and I’d enjoy the cool weather in the fall season and nowKansas City B Cycle makes things so much easier!

For 7$ a day (Isn’t that cool) you can rent a pass for 24 hours, there are kiosk all over downtown but the most accessible one probably would be River Market or the corner of 12th and Wyandotte across the street from The Downtown Mariott there website is http://kansascity.bcycle.com and the fees and rental rates are explained in detail. Check Out http://rivermarketcyclery.com/ also to buy a bike this fall 2012 at a great 20% discount if you don’t want the whole rental thing.

Video: How to ride A Bike in Traffic
Here are a few tips to riding safe and having fun!

1. Bring your helmet!

You don’t want to be the one whole cracked their noggin in an attempt to avoid “helmet hair”. It’s not worth it, plus go to cool shops online like http://ebay.com and http://amazon.com to find colorful helmets!

2. Find the Right Bike!

There are hundreds of brands but you have to remember that if your a beginner get a basic bike with strong brakes. A more experienced rider can opt for a bike with friction settings to tone thigh muscles to get a more intense workout. Be smart!

3. Hydrate!

Right now Kansas City is having Ozone days back to back and its important to drink plenty of water! If you bike instead of driving a car you are more exposed to the sun, which mean s you need sunblock, a nice hat with a bill and plenty of cool water.

4. Use Your Signal!

Use your arms to let the other drivers know the direction your moving, where bright colors at night and make sure your bike has sensors.

Watch the attached video for instruction on how to be “Bike Safe.”

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