New Documentary “Art Saved My Life” Picking up Steam!!

Kansas City, MO – Up and coming Director Damon Lee Patterson will be releasing “Art Saved My Life, a documentary that depicts the lives of a dozen artists, and the ways bthat their art has saved them through adversity. It “aims to show the world the true power of art and liberate the creative forces of its viewers. Art can heal, transform, empower, awaken, and inspire us to be greater. Art Saved My Life attempts to show creativity as a willing catalyst and the perfect tool for creating social change”. The documentary is scheduled to be released this August 2012.

“This isn’t just a documentary about art. It’s a movement and gesture that aims to liberate the power of creating . I believe the greatest thing the human race can do is nurture our creative abilities. This is especially true of children. They are the architects of tomorrows world.” said Patterson

“Art is a road map that the driver can continuously expand on and draw new roads to travel and in doing so we expand ourselves and where we may travel.” In simplicity, I appreciate, engage in, and promote the arts because it gives us a means to channel our energy. Through it we are able to see life as it was, is, and CAN BE. This project is my tribute to the power of art and its great impact it can and does have on peoples lives…So, in that regards WE ARE ALL ARTISTS creating something everyday of our lives.

To learn more about this outstanding project go to and Add Damon Patterson on Facebook. Like The “Art Saved My Life” Facebook Group for screening dates and more information.

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