Adventures at City Market

Adventures at your local City Market are always filled with surprises, fresh produce and friendly vendors from all over the world. While you’re out, take time to pick up your favorite fruits and veggies locally to support farmers and vendors, but more importantly to cook with the freshest of ingredients. Plus the savings are amazing!

Here’s a spin on a classic fruit salad that can be mad in less than 10 minutes! Cool off with a fresh fruit salad and reach for a peach instead of sugary sweets! Enjoy! From City Market to your Table.

Start off selecting the freshest fruits by smelling your fruit for ripeness and checking for any insects or imperfections. Look for small dark sugar spots on your mangoes and dark orange skin on your pineapple. Take the time and smell your fruit as well, fruits like strawberries and melons give off a strong sweet scent when they’re ready to eat. Cleanse you fruit with a little apple cider vinegar for fruits with a thick coating or lemon juice.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Wine Mangoes (The Fatter ones will work too)

1 Ginger Root

5 Ripe Whole Peaches

1 Whole Pineapple

1 Bunch of small table grapes (And sweet variety will work)

2 Lemons (1 for cleaning and 1 for squeezing)

1 Small paring knife

1 Hand Grater

First, rinse your fruit thoroughly and squeeze one lemon over the grapes. This will strip off any pesticide that may have been sprayed on them. Next, get the hard work out of the way!

Go ahead and remove the skin from the pineapple by cutting the top off first, then cut the sides and the bottom off. Be sure to cut as close to the fruit as you can with out including the small needles. Once all the skin is removed, cut the pineapple up into quarters and remove the tough core. Sometimes the core is softer near the bottom, so it may not need to be tossed, then you can cut it into chunks and toss them in your bowl.

The peaches and mangoes are pretty simple. If the peach skin isn’t too tough go ahead and take the pit out and cut them into fourths or smaller if you like. I prefer the mangoes peeled, although some people enjoy them peel and all. Cut the as close to the pit as you can making bite sized chunks. I think the Mango pit is the best part, almost the equivalent of the mixing bowl when your making a cake. It’s almost become tradition to give the pit to the toddlers, it’s too big for them to choke on and will give them something to do while your cooking.

Pick your grapes off the vine and sprinkle them in with the other fruit. I usually put them in last because they take the least preparation. Grate a pinch of ginger in a small bowl and squeeze half a lemon over the fruit for freshness and to prevent browning. Take the grated ginger and squeeze it over the fruit, you can use the juice or add it in for a zesty flavor.

This fruit salad serves as a great midnight snack, picnic item or dessert.  Mix thoroughly and Enjoy!

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