New Documentary “Art Saved My Life” Picking up Steam!!

“This isn’t just a documentary about art. It’s a movement and gesture that aims to liberate the power of creating . I believe the greatest thing the human race can do is nurture our creative abilities. This is especially true of children. They are the architects of tomorrows world.” said Patterson

Adventures at City Market

Adventures at your local City Market are always filled with surprises, fresh produce and friendly vendors from all over the world. While you’re out, take time to pick up your favorite fruits and veggies locally to support farmers and vendors, but more importantly to cook with the freshest of ingredients. Plus the savings are amazing!Continue reading “Adventures at City Market”

Visit Marc’s Gift and Garden!

Marc’s Gift and Garden

I wondered into Marc’s Gift and Garden yesterday and what a surprise that a trip down merriam street resulted in such a fantastic find! Right across the street from Family Dollar is a quaint, yet beautiful shop. Don’t be fooled by the dust and old planter’s pots, right through the exit doors is a labryinth of flora and fauna. It is truly breathtaking and thereuputic to the senses, the aroma is amazing! You can find perrenials, Annuals and Evergreen potting plants galore. Begonias, Rooster Tail, Claydium and Vine plants can be found on ever corner and the staff makes you feel like family. All dads are different but you can never go wrong with a miniture statue or a fountain for dad’s home. Most of the plants take very little upkeeping and very minimal sunlight. Enjoy your adventures in green for only 2.75 a small potted plant! Ask the staff for a few tips on how to make your plants thrive long after you bring them home. Happy father’s day!