In the black community, we’ve developed a dangerous habit of “not putting our business out there.” Because of this, our youth continues to perpetuate violence by killing each other off as if life is one big video game. Some kids don’t understand that the pursuit of “street cred” could lead to residency inside a jail cell.

The reality of the situation is we don’t have enough teen counseling programs in Kansas City. And our public education system, which currently lacks accreditation, has failed us. There are plenty of domestic abuse programs and battered women shelters in the Metro. But nothing seems to be in place for the kids.

How long will our youth have to suffer before they receive any attention?

As our schools struggle to regain accreditation, I believe it’s time for parents to start considering other educational options. When I was a toddler, my mother pulled me from elementary school in exchange for home schooling because she grew frustrated with the system and out-of-control kids.

It’s probably not fair to single out kids for bad behavior. If parents expect children to behave in a respectful manner, they must first lead by example. After all, true education starts at home.

“Many of the children I work with on a daily basis are given a survey at school that shows the risk factors, such as violence and drug-use, stem from home,” said Regional Prevention Coordinator Andrica Wilcoxen.

As the economy remains stagnant, it’s even that much more important for parents to give today’s youth the attention they need, instead of depending on a school counselor or some teen advocate to do it for them.

We need more adults to step up during these dark educational times and start lending support. There are probably parents on their laptops at this very moment telling kids to prepare their own meals while they gossip on Facebook.

People, something has to give.

Parents, I implore you to please take time to follow your child’s daily activities at school.

If your kid hasn’t found a club or activity to become a part of, help him or her find one. Also, be aware of today’s scary sexual climate. There are several child molestation cases going on. We need more parents to discuss this topic with their children.

Our youth must learn what constitutes inappropriate touching and the importance of reporting it right away.

Parents should also discuss teen pregnancy with their kids too.

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