Downtown Consentino’s Market Review

The Price Chopper franchise has built yet another market located in downtown Missouri on the corner of 13th and Main. The fresh green colors give this store a chic look, and the attention to detail is amazing. The store has an upscale yet welcoming appeal and the huge windows give a great view of downtown. The market features a great hot buffet, salad bar, deli and lounge all rolled in to one great atmosphere. There are great little perks like the olive bar and wine section of the store that features hundreds of varieties of wine. I wouldn’t recommend this store for big families because of its limited stock of staple goods such as cereals and other dry goods, but this is definitely more suited for single downtown folks.

The selection is premium to say the least with hundreds of imported goods and specialty products. The employees were helpful and friendly, which is great for when you are looking for things. My favorite place is the sushi bar. The California rolls are amazing, and all sushi is hand-rolled in front of you by a master sushi chef. They feature duck and eel as well, but I’m not daring enough to try anything but salmon at the moment. I appreciate that the store features more options for vegan and vegetarian customer like Morning Star Veggie products and tofu products They have imported ginger beers, soda and juices that would be hard to find at Apple Markets and Hy-Vee. I love the gelato booth. It features more than 60 flavors such as honey, cotton candy, tiramisu, cream cheese and mango. The pastry booths are amazing. They bake all the pastries from scratch and you can place orders for birthdays, business and social events.

There are great ready-to-eat foods such as fruit cups, salads, and sandwiches if your on the go and need a quick meal on lunch break. Wifi is available to all customers in the lounge upstairs, so you don’t have to stop doing your work while you’re on lunch break. The lounge features an elevator so you can easily get from the store, located on the lower level, to the expansive parking lot below. The market offers free parking for all its customers unlike other buildings downtown. I would recommend this hot spot for college students because you can finish up homework and grab something quick and healthy to eat. My experience at this market is always great.

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