Marsha Ambrosius Concert Review

Marsha Ambrosius Hits All The Right Notes


On Sat. 12 The Legacy Foundation held a benefit concert at The Beaumont Club. As many as 500 were in attendance, easily filling the club. Marsha Ambrosius headlined and rocked the house with singles from her new Album, “Late Night and Early Mornings,” which was released march 4 and is now number two on the Top 40 billboards

Me and Marsha Ambrosius


Local R&B Singer Langston performed beautifully and delivered a great cover of R&B singer Tank’s new single ,“Emergency,” amongother R&B favorites.  Spoken word artists Simeon Taylor and Natasha Ria El-Scari gave a taste of real poetry as the topics jumped from love to lust and back again.

Ambrosius performed a few old school classics, old singles and originals from her new album. My favorite was her teary-eyed rendition her first single “Far Away.”

“I wrote that song about a friend that had committed suicide,” said Ambrosius

“The producer I worked with had the same experience, so it was meant to be.

The song means a lot to me.”

The VIP section was nice with an incredible view and a catered buffet, which

meant that if you payed enough you could eat and enjoy a great show.

The crowd pleaser was definitely Ambrosius’ rendition of “Say Yes,” a single from

her now-disbanded group Floetry.

“Kansas City has been great, and I love the barbecue,” she said.

The crowd was completely captivated when she began to play a few songs on piano.

After the show Rapper Tech Nine stopped by and posed for pictures with fans.

The highlight was Ambrosius being presented with an award of appreciation

from LEGACY foundation’s founder Jonathan Smith.

The Beaummont Club

The concert was amazing and the experience was wonderful.

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